anya forger.

disclaimer: I am not sharing this blog post anywhere so if you are on this page, you clicked on it on your own volition – be prepared for what you are about to read

a few weeks ago I made an nft of anya forger on the blockchain (granted it was on a test network but hey an nft is still an nft). today I double down on my commitment to why I believe anya may be the best anime character to ever exist – let me explain.

before I start, for those of you that don’t who anya forger is, she is a blessing from the heavens that we don’t deserve. but more so, she has completely brought together the anime community to unanimous agreement on the cutest character ever. for example –

yes, she is absolutely adorable. adorableness aside – anya (symbollically) embodies what I strive to be in the future. no, not an absolutely adorable anime girl, although I wouldn’t blame people for thinking that. anya is someone who knows how make people happy, how to unite communities, and ultimately leaves the world in a better condition that she found it. and she does this while being completely fictional (although completely real in the hearts of her biggest fans)!

not to be a philosophical wizard but –> in a world where people seem to be divided, it really got me thinking, how can I bring the same positivity that she does. truth be told, I don’t know. perhaps real people were not meant to unite because we are all fundamentally different or only the idealistic aspects of her character make the magnitude of her impact possible. and while that may be the case, I refuse to accept that. humans may be the most different, divisive, and irrational species to exist but anya has proved time and time again that we can come together if there is a meaningful force that allows us to do so. this is prescisely the reason I am writing here today. this blog is my effort to find something that allows the world to be in a better shape than when I found it and hopefully impact the lives of so many just like anya has done.

and no I am not idolizing anya – i just admire her ability to touch the hearts of so many.

ok maybe I am idolizing her a little bit.

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