hi, I'm samrat 👋

welcome to my thought space! the world is a crazy place and sometimes I need a place to spill my brain so you’ll find me writing here a lot! be warned, this isn’t your typical blog – you might find my jocular side talking about how dinosaur space aliens will take over the world or perhaps my nerdy side talking about how we can build a more robust future with peer2peer technology. everything in this blog is a free write straight from my thoughts so don’t be suprised if you see weird grammar or 20 typos in the same sentence. I hope you enjoy this wild journey.

if you would like to learn more about who I am from a professional standpoint, I’ll leave my socials below so feel free to give me a shout

P.S. if you are an employer who randomly happens to be reading my blog – be warned this blog is representative of my personality + interests outside of what I do professionally

oh and here is a random photo of me :)

if you want to put a face to this writing, here I am !!